Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Childhood Memories

My childhood left way to fast. But I don't regret it leaving, I had a beautiful one and thank God for every moment of it. But I do long for it to come back so often. I am now sixteen years old, it has been ten years since I met by best friend at age six. At six years old, I could not quiet read yet. I stumbled over words and needed her help multiple times to be able to read cards to games when we played.

How time goes by. Unbelievable. Today I read obsessively, the larger the book the better. The longer the words the more exciting.

I couldn't help but remember all of my childhood obsessions, those little things that really put your childhood together and made it complete.

Outdoor Adventures
I dreamed of adventures. I was determined to go on one someday. Our back yard held many epic sword duals, city raids, earthquakes, chases, and the list goes on. We were pretty crazy kids, living in our imaginations always.
John-David, Emma, James, Me.

Me and my siblings adored Narnia. Our Daddy read us the books, so when the first movie came to theaters we could hardly wait to see it. Narnia was always the imaginary world we dreamed about. We were always hunting for another portal to it. We were pretty determined we would be the next kids to go to Narnia. We had an on going joke that I was Lucy, Hannah was Edmund, and Amy Peter. The nicknames stuck for a while.
Hannah, Me, and Amy

Hannah and I had an obsessive love for our dollhouse. Each of our dolls was named special and stayed that name all the way up until today. We played every day without fail, continuing our soap opera.
Me caught playing dollhouse again with Paul

Park Days
Every Wednesday I went to a park and met up with my friend for lunch. This is the park where our magical worlds felt so real. We built forts from branches and pine needles. We fended off evil foes with sticks and ran for our lives on our razor scooters. A few scraped knees and scars have come out of those years, but everyone was worth it. 
At the park

Any childhood moments that have always stuck with you? It really is the little things that make our childhood complete.


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