Monday, February 23, 2015

Making the Most of a Situation

So, you get this job that you really never dreamed of, but hey it's a job. You are payed well, the job isn't to hard, and you're pretty sure you will be doing this for a while. After a few weeks, you start to get a little down as you realize how much you really don't love the job. You dread going back, but you keep it up since you need an income.

This was me. I was babysitting. Yes, my logical intellectual brain dreaded watching a baby for three hours twice a week. babies have never been my expertise, in fact half the time I am terrified of them. This one was older than twelve months, so I said I could do it. (Newborns do not work with me, #greatestfear)

As I sit watching this baby for three hours, I groan as I wish I could be doing anything else. 

I guess I really got the heart change when I came to babysit a few weeks back. I knock at the door as usual. His mom answers with a smile, I step inside and hear the baby squeal with joy. He runs to the door with a beaming smile. He is happy to see me? Wow. 

Next visit, same thing. 

One after that, same thing. 

Apparently he loves hanging out with me. 

So, I made a decision, I would make the most out of this. 

I buy a pack of bubble gum, grab my crochet project, dress in my favorite pair of skinny jeans and baggy shirt. I am ready for a day of hanging out with a baby, building Duplos, reading horribly made nursery rhyme books, and eating cheddar bunnies. 

Guess what? I fully enjoyed those three hours. 

Some times, you just need to set it in your mind that you will make the most of it. You will have fun, and you can enjoy yourself. 

Have you ever had a job that you absolutely could not stand? What did you end up doing about it?


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