Monday, February 16, 2015

My Personal Stress Attacking Techniques

Who doesn't have stress in their life? Me when I was four, I guess, but that was about it. Even if you don't understand the child's level of stress, it is stress. We all deal with it to some extent. We live in a messed up world, what do we expect?

Anyway, recently I have been on a hunt for the special things that relieve my stress. I came up with a list to get you thinking about some you could create. 

I call them: 
My Personal Stress Attacking Techniques. 

Call them silly. But they are, simple, awesome, and effective

1. Crocheting 
It has become my ultimate stress deflator. It is nearly and instant calming process. I started with crocheting a simple baby blanket, since it was so simple. I just crocheted row after row, my stress is gone nearly instantly after I start. I am now making hats, which are tons of fun after I finally figured out how to do it right. I have never been the best at meticulous crafting, but crocheting has become pretty easy.

2. Music
Some times you just need a positive voice around you. A lot of times when I am babysitting or cleaning I desperately need something to lift me up. So I grab my phone and handy portable speaker. I select my Sunshine and Coffee playlist, and let the positive notes bring out of my stressed/frazzled state. 

3. Cleaning
Yeah, you would think cleaning itself would stress you out, right? Well, perhaps I am just different. I find cleaning my room as one of the most effective tools to destress. This comes especially handy when I have emotional stresses. It just makes me break free form my thoughts and delve deep into organizing my drawers, making my bed cozy, or hanging up clothes.

4. Coffee
This one is more about the actual process of making it. You know those moments when your head in spinning with tasks all around you? Sometimes the best thing to do is throw down and make a cup of coffee. I just stop. Pour coffee grinds in a filter. Boil water. Grab my favorite mug. Just calmly wait for the coffee to brew. It is really therapy a lot of the time.

So what are your stress attacking techniques? Anything similar to mine?



  1. So that's why we are out off coffe, your room is spotless, I can't find my earbuds, and you gave me a 13 foot long scarf? You seem so cool and calm!

    I think you're on to something with the music, though...not just because I play music, but because I am ministered to by it. Soaking in some affirming words of grace and truth when sung by a person just pouring out their heart can be great...especially when it can remind or fully be filled with God's Word. Even instrumental music can do this when it reminds us of who we really are....God gave us the gift of music...Thank You, Lord!

    I love you, sweetie!

    Daddy (on my way to make my morning stress reliever....)

  2. Music is powerful. If me or my kids are kinda grumpy, all I have to do is put on some peppy, upbeat music and BAM! we're all dancing around and singing, well except Jeffrey, he's at that age where he actually cares, Go figure. LOL!
    Loved your list. I agree with all of them. Loved your daddy's response.

  3. Coffee and music are two of my BIG stress relievers, but also reading my Bible is by far my biggest. With all three combined - it's amazing. =)

  4. Music is a huge stress reliever. But so is quiet time. :)

    And I don't drink coffee(the caffeine makes me crazy anyway) but nothing is more comforting to me than a cup of hot chocolate and a book in hand. Reading really helps me when I'm stressed, especially if it's the Bible I'm holding.


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