Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Week of Outfits

So, I have never been the fashion queen. Ever since I was little I was to practical to really care what my clothes looked like. I grabbed an outfit and went, never cared if it fit right or was the right, color, style, etc. 

When I hit fourteen I started to put a little more thought into it. I still barely think about it, but at least I make sure colors and styles match from now on. 

I do so many things all through the week, that I really need a different outfit to fit my daily needs.
I do things like, babysitting, homeschool co-op, church, stay-at-home-cozy day, you know the variety. 

So, I took a couple pics of my outfits for the certain occasions during the week to share with you all!

Stay at Home Outfit
(This also doubles as my Jedi outfit.) 
Tan T shirt with brown lace tank top. Brown sweater. Straight denim skirt.

Babysitting Outfit
Skinning jeans. Long knit blue and gray T shirt. (Hand-made by my little sister) beaded necklace.

Babysitting Kids Outfit
Hooded T shirt. Short flowing denim skirt. Heart necklace.

Homeschool Co-op Outfit
Loose jeans. nodded long sleeved striped shirt. Lace sweat shirt jacket.

Second Stay at Home Outfit
Blue sweater. Loose jeans. Heart chain necklace. 

My official favorite is the babysitting outfit with skinny jeans. It is simply so cozy and perfect for practicality. So what are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe? What would you say is your style?


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