Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Devotional Tips: Prayer Jar

This is the beginning of a few simple devotional tips I am going to be sharing. 

Today I wanted to share about my Prayer Jar.

I have been contemplating prayer, and how to keep track of prayer requests lately. I have tried keeping them in a notebook, but I either couldn't go through the lists of prayer requests in my quiet time, or I lost the notebook and couldn't recall very many. 

Sound familiar? 

So I started this jar, in which I put all of the requests in the notebook. Every morning I take three or more requests from the jar for my prayer time. I am able to have a good amount of time for each one, and over time I go through the whole jar.

Just seeing the jar on my shelf reminds me to be praying without ceasing, all through the day. 

The bow on the top just make me happy. :-)

What helps you when it comes to keeping track of prayer requests? 
When do you prefer to spend time in prayer, at night or morning?


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  1. This is a wonderful idea Melody! I will be using this:)

    xo HK


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