Monday, March 2, 2015

The Sobbing Fest

We all have those songs that make us cry. Even if we don't cry now over them, we did at one point. I am not the type to cry over many things, but I have a playlist of the songs that make me cry.

So I named it appropriately, Sobbing Fest. I thought I would share a few of those songs here on the blog.

I cry over some simply because they are beautiful. But then others I can relate with so well in different ways that I can't help it.

Let me know if you can relate with me after listening to a few. Warning, SMS (Shine) is the worst and you must watch the whole video. Tears are a definite.

SMS (Shine)
Just watch the video. Then you will see why I cry.

Via Dolorosa
This song moves me so much. It is a beautiful reminder of how much Christ gave for us.

The Call
This song is the painful reminder that I am growing up. My childhood is bid farewell as my beloved Narnia characters say goodbye. 

Vanilla Twilight
This song is simply so beautifully written and sung I adore it. There are those certain lines that you can't help but cry over.

Little Light 
This one is so special to me because it reminds me of my little siblings. I have watched seven of my siblings grow up form babyhood, and it is just so emotional for me.

The Last Goodbye
If you like Lord of the Rings, you had to have cried over this song. This was our farewell to Middle Earth. To all out beloved characters who had become our best friends.

Another amazing reminder of how wonderful our Jesus is. It is so beautifully done. 

Ok, so what did you listen to? Any other songs that you love that make you cry?
 Love to hear about them and share in your tears!



  1. The Call and the Last Goodbye has had me in tears every. single. time. I can't sing without choking on the lyrics.
    I cried while listening to The Last Goodbye during the credits of The Battle of the Five Armies, and The Call while seeing Prince Caspion (for the millionth time ;).

  2. The Call ugh it's such a beautiful song. And the other day, after you mentioned Vanilla Twilight, I listened to it SO. MANY. TIMES.

    Great picks!!



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