Friday, April 17, 2015

Cold Attack

So I am sick. Nothing big, just a cold. But I think we all know that hopeless feeling of being unable to do things. The crippling tiredness that comes over you, where every part of your body stops wanting to do things.

It's not fun, but hey, it's life. A year ago when I was sick it got pretty bad. It was after a week long trip in Virginia. I come home with the worst fever I have ever had. That was one of those times I asked myself, "Is this the end? Am I really dying this way?" Please tell me someone else has thought that when they were sick. Otherwise I must just be seriously dramatic. :-)

Anyway, when I am sick I tend to completely go into consume mode. Which means here comes Youtube, Netflix, old novels, and Spotify streaming all day long. I am currently rereading the Circle series. I can never get enough of those books. Watching Rhett and Link on Youtube. Going through old Disney movies. Listening to the new Cinderella movie soundtrack, which is superb. favorite track is, La Valse de L'Amour. So gorgeous. 

Besides sleeping, what do you do when you are sick? 


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  1. Great post Melody! When I am sick I read, play video games, watch movies and watch videos on youtube. :)


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