Monday, April 6, 2015

My Single Success at Cooking

So, I am the worst cook ever. The most I can do is freezer food, and I am dead serious. I have always been awful, and pretty much wreck anything I cook. Both my sisters are fantastic at it, so I don't see that great of a need for me to be doing it right now, right?

Well, when my sisters and mom aren't home, my mom asks me to make dinner. I am stunned and horrified, especially since we are going to have company that night.

So with a big step of faith I head to Pinterest. After hunting around for a recipe we have the ingredients for, I begin the process of making it. Chicken pot pie soup, sounds good enough.

Half way through I realize we are out of potatoes. Great. So I simply don't include them and do extra veggies, hoping for the best. Then I find out we don't have another thing. I kept improvising, just begging for it to work. By the time I finished, it did in fact taste awesome!

So to top it off, I pulled out the canned biscuits we had. With a fine Karate chop, I opened each can. After the biscuits were finished, I proudly served it to my family. 

Everyone loved it, even the guests, it was a score. 
But then, my brother goes, "So, it's gluten free, Abigail can have it?"
I turned pale as I watch her finish up her bowl. "I used flour in it!" 

We had to just hope for the best, and thankfully she wasn't effected to poorly by my mistake. 

So, there you have it, my cooking success. Well, besides a few slip ups. I guess I can cook. But just not always amazing. 


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