Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Recent Novel Project

So I am doing April Nanowrimo. But sadly my schedule is so crazy I can only write 25,000 this month instead of 50,000. Here is my username if you are interested in watching stats or reading more about my book: Melody.Faithy98

Anyway, this current novel is a little mystery. And what is a mystery novel without crime? Of course it's crime! Well, I am in need of some fresh inspiration, and also a new name for a character. 

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My character's name at present is Audrey. Problem: I have another main character named Andrea. Way to close and confusing. So I am going to need a better name for her. I'm willing to take any suggestions right now. 

Also, I need some inspiration. I need some Pinterest boards to go through, that will peak my creativity levels. My stories synopsis is this: A trouble making artist gets wrapped up into solving murder crimes with the FBI. Any suggestions? 

Alright, now it's time to share a little excerpt with you all. Enjoy!


The room was empty. But the sight on the wall made his stomach turn. The stench in the room made him want to wretch. In crude cursive painted in blood across an old wallpapered wall read these words, The Hunter is now being Hunted. Hunter shut his eyes as he tried to suppress his reflex to gag. He tried to stop the shaking in his hands as he pulled his radio out and flipped it on.

“Audrey, come on in.” He whispered cautiously. “Seems the place is clear.” He finished.

“The agency should really have better discretion on who they assign to a murder case.” A strange voice declared behind him. 

Hunter spun around in horror, a terrifying jolt of fear shot down his spine as he stared at a tall man in a mask, holding Audrey in a vice grip. The girl looked terrified with tape plastered over her mouth, her eyes simply screamed at Hunter for help. 


So what did you think? Pretty creepy, right? Ok, maybe I do need to work on creepy levels, but hey I'm new to that aspect. So I am open to any inspiration you folks can give me!



  1. This story sounds exciting! I do have one question though. I'm not familiar with your characters, (so I could be completely off target on this) but If Hunter is with the FBI, shouldn't he be less nervous, since he would be used to spooky cases? (Unless he is an amateur, I think the most he would at least allow himself to feel would be a little unease, and a strange sense of foreboding.) What are your thoughts on that?

    1. Good question! Hunter has been hired for a special project with the FBI. He has never done anything like this before and has had little training, so I hoped to show his lack of skill through the scene. Normally he is an artist, and doesn't have a liking to violence or action. So this is totally out of his comfort zone.


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!