Wednesday, April 1, 2015

TeenPact in Tallahassee Florida

So, I mentioned I went on a trip in my last blog post. Now it's time for me to explain everything about that, in great detail! Ok, maybe not GREAT detail, I don't want to bore anyone, but I will share a little bit about it.

So, this was officially the first road trip I have ever taken with my best friend Lauren. We were both signed up for the event TeenPact, in Tallahassee, Florida. This event teaches you how government works and how important it is to pray for those in office.

And so, the time came for us to leave on our crazy long road trip. 
We were both very hyper and excited to start.

 Oh, and things are always better with Starbucks.

So after the long trip there, we finally made it! We stayed in a camp close to the capitol building where we would have the classes. Our first day we headed to the capitol to sign up.

It is such a large capitol building, it was so much fun to get to completely explore it going through all the elaborate staircases and elevators. We had the chance to head to the top, it felt like you could see the whole state! 

We were grouped into committees for the week, each group would do activities together and act as a mock house of representatives. I was elected as clerk, which meant I was in charge of reading mock bills that other students had written, to our group. Me and Lauren were in the same group by chance, which made us both very happy. 
And why not a silly picture as we are all dressed in professional attire? 

Here is a picture of all the girls in our group. We were at the top of the capitol building in front of the large windows looking out. I wished you could have seen outside, but the sun sort of ruined that. :-)

So after each of our groups worked through bills like the house does, we brought them to TeenPact Legislature. that was tons of fun, especially when you get to do it in the Florida House of Representatives! My parents managed to get a pic of us doing it in the Governor's court room, here.
That was fun, but still not nearly as fun as doing it in the House of Representatives!

By the end of the week I had learned so much knowledge not only about politics, but also about relationships. Looking forward to expounding on that in later posts!

Then came the long trip back home.
We were both so exhausted, but giddy, so we never actually managed to sleep even though I was insanely tired.

And so closed the week. An awesome amazing experience that I will  never forget! It was awesome and amazing. Just one last note before I leave- never push the weight limit on an elevator. 


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