about me

16 years old, but still feel like I am 6.

Madly in love with someone who died for me and wrote an entire love story about the two of us. King Jesus.

I have nine other siblings, six of which actually work out with me doing Shorin Ryu Karate. I am four ranks away from black belt, so I have my work cut out for me.

I am a strong INTJ. Still debating on my intuition or sensing. But my thinking is so strong I have a pretty hard time enjoying romances because of the emotions flying all over the place.

I am an obsessive lover of stories. From books and movies to radio dramas and stage plays. I adore them. I have written a few of my own novels, over the past few years. Learn more about my writing love at my blog Epic Scribbles.

C. S. Lewis is my hero, he always has been and most likely always will be. Besides, we share a lot in common, his birthday was November 29, 1898. Mine is November 4, 1998. :-D People also debate that he was an INTJ.

I drink coffee obsessively, so be warned that much of my writing is done after I have consumed
around two cups of coffee.

I like to mess around on my guitar as long as none of my family is around (I'm a bit shy about it). Music inspires and uplifts me. It is a form of a love language between me and God, sharing my heart through song.

Oh, one more thing. I still build with Legos. Everything is Awesome.

Sincerely, Melody Faith

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  1. Hi Melody! I love your blog and I love the way you write! :) I love C.S. Lewis, and that is so cool that you know karate!! I am looking forward to future posts on your blog! :)


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